Currently working on: Creating binaural audio scenes for my Masters dissertation. Very cool stuff!

My name is Jon Moore and I am an audio/music producer currently based in Manchester, U.K and I’m studying a Masters in Audio Production at the University of Salford.

Working with audio has been my passion since I started recording my own band as a teenager. This passion has driven me to continuously build my skills and knowledge as an audio engineer, and seek out new projects and people to work with.

In completing these projects I have gained experience of recording, mixing and mastering audio for a variety of applications using Pro Tools, Cubase and Nuendo. I have also worked with various analogue and digital desks as well as Pro Tools control surfaces. I am comfortable with using outboard hardware as well as a wide range of industry standard plugins and other audio/video editing packages such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition and Adobe Premier Pro.

Through my degree I have gained knowledge of advanced production techniques for film post-production and music production, psychoacoustics, acoustic treatment of spaces, synthesiser and plugin design and studio design. My dissertation involves investigating the effect of data compression on binaural recordings.

Please take a look at my portfolio pages above for examples of my work.

I can be contacted at jonbmooreaudio@gmail.com for any correspondence.


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