Hi! I’m Jon Moore, a Ph. D. studentĀ in the Department of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics at The University of Derby.

My project is titled “Dynamic diffuse signal processing for sound reinforcement and reproduction“, and focuses on the development of a time-varying signal decorrelation algorithm.

The aim of finished algorithm is to be a “turn-key” solution to the problems of loudspeaker interference faced in sound reinforcement systems. This is primarily of benefit to low-frequency sound reproduction, where interference between multiple sub-woofers often leads to highly position dependant frequency responses in the low-frequency range. There are also interesting further applications including smoothing the frequency response of loudspeaker crossovers, and potentially increasing intelligibility of voice PA systems.

My thesis is due for submission on the 9th of December and the algorithm is nearing completion (I will hopefully post a working VST to this site soon).

Over the last three years, this project has thrown up some very interesting side projects, including designing a test to find the limits of human perception with regard to frequency variation, and attempting to adapt the decorrelation algorithm so it is capable of decorrelating a loudspeaker’s output with it’s own early reflections!

I will be attempting to go into slightly more depth regarding my these topics and my research in my research blog. You can also find my publications here. If you have any questions or input, don’t hesitate to get in touch at j.b.moore@derby.co.uk



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